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About Us

Our company has been investing in digital music ventures for over a decade. In September 2014, we rebranded all of our activities under one name – Bandsintown – to focus our strengths and demonstrate what we intend to accomplish.

As true music lovers, we believe interest for music has never been stronger than it is today – where music fans can watch, listen and explore music on more devices than ever before; where the largest fan following on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is for music artists; and touring / live shows are rapidly becoming an artist’s primary source of income. Music is global, universal and connects us with deep and everlasting memories. We believe music is experiencing a renaissance where opportunities are rife to capitalize on our cultures intense passion for music. Today, the artist is THE media. 

To satisfy music fans, we then introduced consumer apps on various platforms (iOS, Android, Facebook, Kindle, Apple Watch), which quickly climbed app store charts. We then acquired a sophisticated ad platform built on music data – Bandsintown Amplified – allowing us to better promote events to a passionate fan base while giving artists new sources of revenue from brands.

Today over 30 million concert-goers are registered on Bandsintown, we offer a global reach to 120 million music fans through Bandsintown Amplified and over 400,000 artists are using Bandsintown Manager to connect with their fans and build a fan following – that’s more than 70% of all artists on tour in the U.S.!

At Bandsintown, we will continue to help you discover new music and help artists get discovered – as the premiere destination where artists and fans connect.

Read our 2016 year in review about our and plans for 2017 here
Enjoy your next gig!

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Fabrice Sergent

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Julien Mitelberg

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