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Bandsintown Introduces Enhancements to Top Concert Tracking App for Music Artists on Facebook

Data Shows Bandsintown’s Targeted Facebook Events are Five Times More Viral

NEW YORK, New York, July 26, 2012 — Bandsintown, the top free concert recommendation and notification application on Facebook and mobile, released a notable update to the Bandsintown Artist Platform today, making it easier for artists to promote their upcoming tour dates through the service. New data gathered in a nationwide survey sponsored by Bandsintown shows that more than 85 percent of concertgoers learn about shows through posts on Facebook. In addition, the survey revealed more than 95 percent of engagement on Facebook Events comes from social channels such as Newsfeed, Ticker, and Timeline. A beta test of Bandsintown’s new social features, including geo-targeted Newsfeed posts, was launched to over 10,000 artists targeting these channels and uncovered impressive results.

Artists who tested the new social features saw that the virality of Bandsintown’s targeted posts was five times higher than that of traditional Facebook posts. In addition, Bandsintown’s posts received much higher levels of engagement than standard posts. Now, Bandsintown is taking these features, as well as a variety of other improvements, public so that every artist using the platform can achieve similar results.

“We are constantly striving to make Bandsintown the best possible way for artists to promote their shows and for fans to find those shows,” said Julien Mitelberg, CEO of Bandsintown. “This survey showed us exactly where we needed to focus to reach that goal, and we were able to capitalize on the data with our new social features. Now, our artists can contact the exact people they know will be interested in their concerts in exactly the way they want to be contacted, which means more tickets sold.”

In addition to the new social features, Bandsintown is also rolling out a streamlined Artist Dashboard that lets managers switch back and forth between multiple artists on the same page, a highly requested feature. Artists can also sync their Bandsintown tour dates to Twitter and use customized event images in their targeted posts. Included in this release is Bandsintown’s new self-serve direct-to-fan sales platform, Bandsintown Specials, which allows artists to sell event related merchandise, VIP packages, and unique fan experiences right from their Tour Dates tab in the app and on their website.

For more information, visit the Bandsintown YouTube Channel to view a presentation detailing Bandsintown’s new features. More details are also available on the Artist Platform blog:

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Bandsintown is a top-rated concert discovery application on Facebook, the App Store and Google Play for live music fans and artists. For fans, Bandsintown provides a personalized way for music fans to track their favorite artists so they never miss a live concert and to discover new touring artists, based on their musical preferences and location. For artists, Bandsintown provides a best-in-class platform that allows artists to promote their live concerts and to sell tickets, leveraging Facebook, Twitter and more. Acquired by Cellfish in September 2011, Bandsintown is based in San Diego.

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