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Bandsintown Launches Promoter Platform For Event Promoters and Music Industry Professionals

Ad Platform Paves New Way for Event Promoters and Music Industry Professionals to Analyze and Reach Concert-Goers Based on Their Music Taste and Location

NEW YORK, NY (February 19, 2014) — Bandsintown, the world’s largest concert discovery application with nine million registered users, has introduced Bandsintown for Promoters, a new way for event promoters and music industry professionals to get exclusive data insights and direct access to concert-goers based on their music taste and location in key markets. 

The platform will take the guesswork out of extensive tour marketing for promoters or any professional that invests in music by identifying the number of “Trackers,” or Bandsintown users following a specific artist in certain geographic locations. The solution also displays the number of concert-goers that can be contacted via Bandsintown’s email marketing program and the estimated cost to reach the intended audience – for smarter financial planning.

Through the platform, event promoters will be able to purchase targeted marketing campaigns based on the geography and musical taste of the fans they want to reach, and decide when to push their event information out to fans, all with the support of Bandsintown’s editorial and creative team.

“We consistently see the challenge event promoters have in reaching local fans on demand and driving attendance to their shows,” said Bandsintown CEO Julien Mitelberg. “We created the Promoter Platform to solve this problem by providing exclusive data and insights on local artist demand, allowing promoters to create targeted marketing campaigns. Our free data alleviates some of the financial risk involved with planning a show or tour and will benefit any music industry professional looking to better understand and reach concert-goers.” 

Bandsintown’s new platform will be free to access and explore, with email campaigns being the first of a series of products that event promoters will be able to order via the password-protected interface. Apply now for a free account at  

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Bandsintown is the largest concert discovery app in the world with 9M application installs, powering the tour dates for half of all touring artists and reaching 40M unique fans per month. It was designed with artists and fans in mind by gathering information from a user’s music library to create a customized Concert Cloud that visually represents a music fans DNA. For fans, Bandsintown provides a personalized way to track their favorite artists and to discover new touring artists, based on their musical preferences and location, so they never miss another live show. For artists, Bandsintown provides a best-in-class platform that allows artists to promote their live concerts and to sell tickets and merchandise, leveraging Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress and more. Bandsintown is owned by Cellfish Media, Inc. For more information, visit, our blog at or

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