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Bandsintown Reveals Concert-Goer Analytics For Better Tour Planning

Biggest Touring Application Provides Valuable Insights to Artists and Their Teams on Top Touring Markets and Concert-Going Trends 

NEW YORK, NY—February 3, 2015 — Bandsintown Group, the premiere destination where artists and fans connect, today introduced behavioral analytics of its 15 million concert-goers to the more than 250,000 artists powered by its artist platform, Bandsintown Manager. The tool was created as a key feature for musicians to know where their richest concentration of fans going to shows are located, so they can better plan tour stop locations and broaden their reach to concert-goers. This data has the potential to help artists with many critical decisions such as tour routing, ticket sales, audience targeting and more.

“Bandsintown is a community of dedicated music fans, who are active supporters of the artists they follow and the live music experience,” said Julien Mitelberg, Bandsintown President and COO. “We want to share the unique behaviors of Bandsintown concert-goers with our artists, offering them insights on the fans who are actually tracking their tour announcements, buying tickets, and going to their live shows - which ultimately has a huge impact on artists’ livelihoods and careers.”

Once an artist’s tour dates are added to Bandsintown Manager, the service will immediately start assessing the number of trackers -  fans following them on the popular concert discovery app - weekly and monthly tracker growth and upcoming show RSVP’s. Initial features include:

Tracker and RSVP Map - An interactive heat map showing where an artist’s trackers are, where fans are RSVPing from, where fans are tracking similar bands, and the location of the band’s upcoming tour dates. The map shows data worldwide with the ability to search for any location, from the continent to the city level, so it’s easy to zoom in on the exact desired location.

Top 100 Cities - A detailed list of the top 100 markets for an artist, based on the number of Bandsintown trackers. This data provides a glimpse of where an artist is trending.

Tracker Growth - A real-time chart of an artist’s tracker growth trajectory within the Bandsintown platform, indicating how many concert-goers will be alerted of upcoming shows. Trackers are Bandsintown concert-goers who follow a specific band or DJ.

Upcoming RSVP’s - A graph showing the number of RSVP’s for an artist’s upcoming tour dates, detailing how many fans indicated they’re attending and interested in each show. This gives artists and managers an idea of which shows are popular on Bandsintown, and which they should raise more awareness around to drive more ticket sales.

"The new analytics feature gives us greater insight on where our core fans are located and what markets are underserved,” said Chris Georggin, Manager at Pat Magnarella Management. “It clues us into areas we hadn't considered touring before, where fans are likely to come see us play live."

Bandsintown’s analytics is now available to any artist with over 100 trackers on Bandsintown Manager on Facebook for free.

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