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Bandsintown Reveals What Makes Live Music Fans Tick

Survey Results Uncover Best Practices for Fan Outreach Around Live Music Events

NEW YORK, NY, August 27, 2012 — Bandsintown, the top free concert discovery application on Facebook and smartphones, commissioned leading research firm, Insight Strategy Group, to study the behavior of concert goers nationwide and identify trends in their discovery of live music events. Taking into account both the social and musical aspects of attending a concert, the online survey splits fans into five distinct segments, revealing how bands, managers, record labels, and marketers can effectively target each one, improving the artist’s relationship with their fans and increasing ticket sales and related revenue.

Survey highlights include:

Music/Social Segmentation: Five segments of online live music fans (Super Fans, Plugged-Indies, Soloists, Dedicated Diehards, and Tag-Alongs) broken down by age, gender, household income, average number of shows per year, average spend per show, and more.
Push Still Popular: The most influential groups – Super Fans and Plugged-Indies – are the most engaged with social media and most likely to post about the shows they attend. However, even the most engaged fans prefer to receive “push” notifications such as Facebook posts and email alerts about upcoming shows rather than search out that information themselves on Google, artist or event websites.
Advance Planning: The most engaged fans usually buy tickets well in advance – 83 percent of Super Fans and 69 percent of Plugged-Indies – and generally within days of hearing about a concert.
“Specialization” vs. Convenience: These target segments are more likely to pay extra for offers that make them feel “special,” such as artist meet-and-greets and preferred seats, rather than offers that improve their convenience, such as skipping the line or complimentary food and beverages.

“So much of fan behavior is anecdotal; we thought it was high time to examine real live music fans and get to the bottom of what drives their decisions around concerts,” said Julien Mitelberg, CEO of Bandsintown. “We were surprised to find that as engaged as these people are online, they now rely on ‘push’ communications to find out about new events. Clearly, musicians and promoters need to take an active role to ensure fans know about shows in advance as well as provide premium options that these fans will pay for – and Bandsintown is set up to support all these efforts.”

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