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Cellfish Launches “Add-to-Phone,” Enabling Content to be Sent from Web to Phones For Free

Cellfish Media Launches “Add-to-Phone”, Allowing Publishers and Bloggers to Provide the Ability to Send Pictures, Videos, Music and News Feeds From Web to Phones For Free

– Users Will Be Able to Retrieve, Organize and Share Any Content From the Web to Mobile Through a Personal Locker That Is Accessible On-the-Go –

Today leading mobile entertainment content provider, Cellfish Media, is launching Add-to-Phone, a free technology for bloggers and websites, which lets their users download content from the web to their phones in a simple, one-click process.

The embeddable button allows visitors to receive any type of online content (pictures, music, videos, or news feeds) on their cell phone as a download or as a stream.

There is no need to install a mobile application to get updated feeds or media. The user only needs a WAP-enabled phone. Add-to-Phone works on any carrier across 100 countries.

After the user enters his/her phone number, a SMS message is sent with a link to the content or news feed, which is formatted and rendered on-the-fly to fit the users specific handset.

The user can also organize all the sites and contents where he/she clicked on Add-to-Phone through a mobile media center called a locker, accessible both on the web and on mobile.

The Add-toPhone button is designed for website publishers and bloggers who wish to make their content available on the go for their audience.

Publishers and bloggers have two simple options available on to integrate this feature onto their website:

1- Widget mode: copy and paste the button code within their HTML editor

2- API mode: use the API to create their own tools using the add to phone functionality. For example, is the first to offer a player with a built-in add to phone option.

Additionally, Cellfish recently released the Add to Phone application for Facebook, which includes an album navigator that allows users to download or share their profile pictures and their friends albums onto cell phones. relies on a state-of-the-art technology platform that allows us to bridge the gap between web and mobile, states Cellfish Media CEO Fabrice Sergent, by launching ‘add to phone’ widgets and API, we are making it available to the larger web community. Our goal is to make the transfer from web to phone as simple as downloading a file to your computer.

About Cellfish Media
Cellfish Media creates and publishes original brands, and recently launched a flagship portal,, focused on bridging the gap between web and mobile. Cellfish Media also creates original content and distributes third-party content for mobile phones, including ringtones, wallpapers, videos, animations, games and applications, partnering with today’s biggest names in entertainment. Cellfish Media benefits from best-of-breed, proprietary platforms to deliver content to more than 350 million consumers through its direct-to-consumer channels, as well as through partnerships with major wireless carriers, media companies and brands. The company’s operations are headquartered in New York City, with offices in France and Germany, bringing together a team of 320 skilled professionals focused on enriching the mobile consumer experience. Cellfish Media is partly owned by Lagardre SCA, one of the largest media groups in the world; Humagade Group Inc., a partner of Desjardins Venture Capital; Solidarity Fund QFL; and the Telecom Media Fund, formed by Trio Capital and Caisse de Dpt du Quebec. Learn more by visiting

To test the Facebook application click on this link: