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Cellfish Launches as First Destination to Bridge Gap Between Mobile and PC Entertainment

NEW YORK, NY, June 28, 2007 —  Cellfish Media LLC, a global leader in original mobile content with more than 300 million transactions handled in 2006, is taking a major step toward cross-platform entertainment with the launch of, a social network and entertainment destination portal allowing consumers the freedom to play, share, and store music, videos and art between their PCs and mobile devices.

“Three years from now, there will be more access to the Web from cell phones than from fixed PCs,” said Fabrice Sergent, Cellfish Media CEO.

Frustration with inability to store and share content on phones

According to M-Metrics, 50 million Americans took pictures with their phones last month and 20 million took videos. Therefore, the cell phone has become a major tool to create true and genuine user-generated content; but this content cannot be shared easily and cell phone storage capacity is limited, so it is common to run out of space on phones full of pictures and videos.

This challenge is one of the major frustrations among mobile consumers: the inability to share mobile entertainment with friends and retain the use of such content, regardless of handset storage capacity, handset losses or change of service providers. unlocks your phone’s fun and provides a large catalog of entertainment media aims to unlock mobile content, giving consumers the ability to store their cell phone pictures and videos in a personal locker for free (unlimited capacity is offered at launch) and over the air, without the need to plug wires from the phone into the computer. also allows people to synchronize their contacts and media, and retrieve them at any time from their phone or any PC.

Cellfish also boasts one of the largest entertainment media catalogs, featuring music, ringtones, wallpapers and videos. Content is either free or can be purchased for a fee.

How works:

  • From phone to the PC (over the air)

Users can upload content from their cell phones and retrieve the same content immediately from their locker or publish it on their Cellfish Web page.

  • From phone to phone

The portal also enables users to broadcast their content from their cell phones to other cell phones, thereby creating a community around a new generation of mobile bloggers.

  • From the PC to phone (over the air)

With, entertainment lives on the PC and the phone, interlinked and easily accessible. The portal allows all users, regardless of their carriers, to access the best content available from their phones, such as:

- All kinds of music, pictures, videos

- Their favorite RSS feeds (news, entertainment, weather, etc.)

- Premium content from the best catalog of original content and third-party licenses

- User-generated content

Globally, mobile entertainment is an $18 billion industry as of 2006, forecast to grow to $38 billion by 2011 (Informa Telecom & Media). Cellfish Media aims to continue growing in this market by creating its fifth mobile brand to serve the majority of handsets available. The company made history in 2004 by launching the first wireless record label, BlingTones, and maintains other successful brands, such as Barrio Mobile, Wicked Betty and Mobile Threat.

“We believe there’s a lack of stand-alone mobile brands that resonate with consumers. It has been our mission to serve this need since 2003.’s ambition is to unite many of these assets into one central destination that improves the mobile experience and pushes entertainment into a new era,” said Sergent.

About Cellfish Media
Cellfish Media creates and publishes original brands, such as Barrio Mobile, Wicked Betty and the widely acclaimed BlingTones, the world’s first wireless record label, all made available on its flagship portal, Cellfish Media also distributes third-party content for mobile phones, including ringtones, wallpapers, videos, animations, games and applications, partnering with today’s biggest names in entertainment. Cellfish Media benefits from best-of-breed, proprietary platforms to deliver content to more than 350 million consumers through its direct-to-consumer channels, as well as through partnerships with major wireless carriers, media companies and brands. The company’s operations are headquartered in New York City, with offices in France and Germany, bringing together a team of 320 skilled professionals focused on enriching the mobile consumer experience. Cellfish Media is partly owned by Lagardère SCA, one of the largest media groups in the world; Humagade Group Inc., a partner of Desjardins Venture Capital; Solidarity Fund QFL; and the Telecom Media Fund, formed by Trio Capital and Caisse de Dépôt du Québec. Learn more by visiting