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Cellfish Media Acquires Mobile-Application Publisher, Airborne Mobile

NEW YORK, October 5, 2010 — Cellfish Media LLC, one of the largest mobile-internet publishers and mobile-marketing solutions providers, today announced its acquisition of Airborne Mobile, a leading mobile-application publisher. The newly formed Airborne Studios combines Cellfish Media’s original-content publishing activities with Airborne Mobile’s distribution of globally iconic brands.

Airborne Studios will focus on creating and distributing branded mobile content and applications for high-usage value, including iconic football-league applications, Family Guy, CollegeHumor, Betty Boop and FHM.

“Since launching six years ago, Cellfish Media has successfully positioned itself as a leading publisher and marketer of mobile applications in the United States, through both organic growth and consolidation of other apps publishers,” said Fabrice Sergent, CEO, Cellfish Media Group. “Acquiring Airborne further expands the breadth of our branded offerings in entertainment such as sports, film and television.”

Airborne Studios Key Facts:

Content catalog: 35,000 pieces of content through 110 licensing partners
Graphics, music, games: approximately 40 million downloads
Apps: approximately 4 million downloads through 20 distribution outlets (carriers and App stores, including 13 in the U.S. and seven in Canada).

“Cellfish’s acquisition of our mobile-publishing business will provide our partners with the quality of service to which they have become accustomed,” said Airborne’s former CEO, Garner Bornstein, who will focus on its newest venture, Txt TV, an interactive television network.

About Cellfish Media
Cellfish Media is a $100m+ company, based in New York and is present in France, Germany and Canada. Cellfish Media is a major player in Mobile-Internet publishing, with more than 14 million unique clients worldwide, especially in France where it is the market leader. Moreover, Cellfish provides publishers with mobile-marketing solutions to monetize their traffic and advertisers with a powerful and targeted tool to reach prospects and clients.

About Airborne Mobile Inc.
For over a decade, Airborne Mobile has blazed a distinctive trail, helping to pioneer, build and establish the burgeoning mobile media space by conceiving, creating and distributing best-of-breed mobile programs. Whether it’s messaging, graphics, video, ringtones, ringback tones, full-track downloads or supporting websites, the company is driven by market objectives and product originality, and infuses the appropriate technology to ensure their delivery. Ever since its debut, Airborne has been renowned as the “go-to” mobile company by well-known consumer brands like American Dad™, King of the Hill™, FHM™ and Marc Ecko Enterprises™ to reach the palms and pockets of their customers; by major wireless carriers for innovative products, merchandising and help with new initiative launches; and by promotional partners like ad agencies and retailers to deliver their messages via a most unique media channel. Airborne’s distribution network is vast, partnering with every major wireless carrier in North America, as well as being well-established in the world of off-deck distribution. Airborne can further be explored by visiting