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Cellfish Media to Feature NBA-themed Mobile Content for Fans

NEW YORK, NY, March 29, 2011 — Cellfish Media announced today the launch of a wide range of NBA-themed mobile content that will provide millions of basketball fans in the U.S. the opportunity to further connect with their favorite NBA teams.

Throughout the year, Cellfish Media will offer NBA-themed applications, including the NBA FanCam, where fans can take a photo and digitally insert NBA products, and then share it with friends via social media platforms. Additional applications will include team-inspired graphics for mobile alarm clocks and an NBA portal where fans can access additional NBA content and products.

“We are thrilled to deliver ‘fan-fueled’ NBA-themed mobile content, reflecting our strategy of putting the fans in the driver’s seat and creating content for celebrating on mobile and sharing via social media,” said Fabrice Sergent, Founder & CEO, Cellfish Media.

Cellfish applications will also feature NBA mobile content including wallpapers with logos for all 30 teams, photos and jerseys, and a variety of NBA screensavers. Additionally, fans will be able to access team-specific ringtones and ringbacks, and customize their mobile experience with photos and team themes.

About Cellfish Media
An industry pioneer with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Montréal, Paris and Düsseldorf, Cellfish Media is a leading mobile media publisher of “fan-fueled” content including Apps for iPhone and Android platforms as well as social media. Through its recent acquisition of Airborne Studios, Cellfish Media has extended its reach beyond music fans, to also include sports and entertainment fans.