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New Bandsintown Concerts for Spotify Application Personalizes Your Concert Calendar And Connects You To Local Touring Musicians

App Includes Playlists of Artists Touring Locally and Instant Tour Dates for any Artist on Spotify

NEW YORK, New York (January 31, 2013) — Bandsintown, the top free concert recommendation and notification application with a monthly reach of over 20 million fans, has launched its new app for Spotify, making it the most comprehensive and easy-to-use concert app on the music streaming service. The Bandsintown Concerts for Spotify app links users’ personal tastes with tour dates in the city of their choice while also delivering them songs and playlists built around their favorite artists currently on tour.

“We already know that Spotify users are big fans of live music and concerts,” said Yashar Moradbakhti, Product Owner, Spotify Platform Partner. “The new Bandsintown app for Spotify is a great way for music lovers to make sure that they never miss a show by their favorite band or artist, and will also help them discover new live music experiences for them and their friends.”

Bandsintown will now sync directly with the songs, albums, and playlists users listen to on Spotify, and provide several unique features including:

  • The app recommends similar artists based on the user’s musical taste and listening trends, further enhancing the music discovery experience.
  • The Bandsintown app creates a unique local playlist of artists playing live in the user’s location, taking into account the user’s frequently listened to artists and those recommended by Bandsintown.
  • When users drag and drop any artist on Spotify into the Bandsintown app, a new pop-up tab will appear listing the act’s upcoming tour dates and indicating whether they have any shows in their area.

Other features include the ability to buy tickets directly, post status updates indicating whether a user is “Attending” or “Maybe” attending a show, email alerts notifying users of upcoming concerts in their area, a personalized calendar page of upcoming concerts that allows fans to simply click on the artist to play their most popular songs, and much more.

“At Bandsintown, we live for live music and are thrilled to offer Spotify fans a service with revolutionary social concert discovery features,” said Julien Mitelberg, CEO of Bandsintown. “This app ensures that fans will be able to experience a wider range of music live and in the flesh, and that bands’ crowds will continue to grow.”

The app is accessible exclusively through the desktop version of Spotify for all users worldwide at The app can be linked to a user’s Facebook account or based solely off of Spotify listening habits. For more information about Bandsintown Concerts for Spotify, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch the demo video here:

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Bandsintown is a top-rated concert discovery application on Facebook, the App Store and Google Play for live music fans and artists. The application services over 115K artists and has a monthly reach of over 20 million fans. For fans, Bandsintown provides a personalized way for music fans to track their favorite artists so they never miss a live concert and to discover new touring artists, based on their musical preferences and location. For artists, Bandsintown provides a best-in-class platform that allows artists to promote their live concerts and to sell tickets, leveraging Facebook, Twitter and more. Bandsintown is owned by Cellfish Media LLC. For more information, visit, our blog or

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