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Populace partners with lyrics and music network ToneMedia

Populace, a media network of digital properties, has partnered with music-based platform ToneMedia to represent the company's 100+ lyrics and music content sites to Australian marketers.

AUSTRALIA - May 30, 2012 (mUmBRELLA via Populace) -- Global clients already advertising on ToneMedia sites include Unilever, YouTube, Nikon, Honda and Sony.

The announcement:

  • Populace has partnered with innovative media platform ToneMedia to represent their network of over 100 leading lyric and music content sites to Australian marketers
  • ToneMedia uses unique consumer insights to offer targeted ad units that generate and average engagement rate of 2% - well above the industry standard
  • With 2 million unique monthly browsers, ToneMedia is the third highest ranking music platform in Australia according to ComScore
  • The addition of ToneMedia strengthens Populace's collective of Cultural Reference® platforms

Australians love lyrics. According to Google Trends, "lyrics" has generated more searches than "news" in Australia since 2004.

What lyrics consumers look up can tell marketers a lot about their other interests. For instance: Rihanna fans are 189% more likely to be interested in cruise travel, and Black Eyed Peas fans are 119% more likely to be interested in taking out a loan.

These insights are gleaned from the activity of users across ToneMedia's network of more than 100 lyric and music content sites. Being able to draw connections between users search habits allows ToneMedia to offer highly targeted ad placements.

ToneMedia has partnered with Populace to bring this highly sought after audience to Australian marketers.

"Music is a key lifestyle pillar and now more than ever, marketers are trying to reach consumers through this avenue," said Populace Managing Director Remi Carette. "ToneMedia not only has access to 120 million music fans worldwide, they've added a sophisticated layer of technology to target these consumers effectively."

ToneMedia's network reaches an unduplicated audience of 2 million unique visitors in Australia each month. While owning the lyrics category globally, ComScore ranks them third for music in Australia, surpassed by only VEVO and MTV.

In addition to standard IAB units, ToneMedia delivers premium, high impact "Flex" ad units that support full-page takeovers, video, pushdowns, social interaction and rich customisations - with an average engagement rate of 2%, much higher than the current industry average.

"ToneMedia is excited to work with Populace and introduce the power of Flex, ToneTargeting and our reach of young adults to Australia's brand marketers," said Val Katayev, founder and CEO of ToneMedia.

Global clients currently using ToneMedia include Unilever, Merck, YouTube, Nokia, Nikon, Sony, Universal Pictures, HP, Honda and Puma.

About ToneMedia
ToneMedia connects leading advertisers with consumers through the power of music content and lyrics. Using its proprietary data analytics, targeted content is delivered to consumers who visit ToneMedia sites through the most searched category on the web -- music and lyrics. Through its 100-plus content publishers, ToneMedia reaches 55 million unique monthly visitors in the US and engages with more music fans than Yahoo!, and Pandora, including 40 percent of all 18-34 year olds. Covering all musical interests and genres, ToneMedia analyzes and monetizes music content by matching buying behavior to musical tastes. To make this connection, ToneMedia taps into its comprehensive database of active brand consumers and examines their habits across the digital landscape to deliver the most targeted, compelling content. For more information, please visit