Amplified Privacy Policy


Effective Date:  September 1, 2014

Bandsintown Amplified operates a personalized advertising delivery service that leverages the power of music.  Our clients are lyric publishers and music service providers, such as Bandsintown, MusicMatch, SongLyrics and SongMeaning and the advertisers who want to reach music fans through these services.  The purpose of this policy is to inform users about the types of user information we receive or collect in order to deliver more relevant advertisement to them and how to use their devices to control it. This Privacy Policy governs the collection, use and disclosure of information by Bandsintown Amplified and its affiliated companies. This Privacy Policy is incorporated into, and part of, the Terms of Service Agreement, which governs your use of the Bandsintown Amplified Services in general.

Information We Collect

Registration Data:  When you register with one of our clients, they may ask you to provide certain information such as your birth year, gender, zip code, income level, music interests, etc.  When appropriate, our clients share this information with us and we use it to build anonymous user profiles that enable us to deliver more relevant advertising to users of their service.  We typically do not receive personally identifiable information, such as your name, address or email address.

Internet Activity:  When you visit a clients’ service, they may enable us to track your activity on the service by, for example, tracking the pages you visit, the types of songs and lyrics you access or download, the artists you follow, the songs you like or dislike, how much time you spent on a page, which advertisements you clicked, what you search for and so on.  This information becomes part of the anonymous user profile that we build and use to make predictions about what types of advertisements might be of most interest to you and people like you. 

Log File and Server Information:  Web and application servers create log files automatically as part of the way they are configured.  Information in a log or server file might include your IP address, browser type, Internet service provider, date and time stamps, media access control (MAC) address, file requests and other information.  This information is helpful to us in building more accurate user profiles.

Device Information:  When you access a clients’ service from a computer, mobile phone, tablet, automobile or other electronic device, we, with our clients’ consent, collect information about your device.  This information may include your IP address, browser type and other information about the software and hardware you are using.  If you access our clients’ service from a mobile device, we collect and record information as to the device type, operating system as well as unique identifiers such as Android ID, VIN and MAC address, IDFA, carrier or other information specific to the device. 

Location Information:  If your device is enabled to provide real-time location information, we may also be able to include that information in the user profiles we build.  You can always choose to disable this feature on your device if you no longer want it to be activated.  If your location is disabled, we may estimate or make assumptions about your location based upon other information we collect.

Information Obtained from Third Parties:   In addition to the information we collect from our clients platforms, we also collect information from third parties.  This includes marketing companies and information service providers that collect and sell information about consumers.  It may also include social media websites and applications or services that you have registered to use.  If these sites have a relationship with any of our clients, they may automatically provide information about you in order to provide you with their services.  You can use the controls or tools available through these social media sites to opt-out of sharing going forward, but it will not affect the data previously shared with us. 

Friends:  Your friends may also store information about you that is accessible to us through our clients’ services.  For example, Bandsintown users can enable Bandsintown to access their address book thereby enabling Bandsintown to send information to their friends about the concerts of interest in your area.  We use some of that same information to deliver customized advertising to you. 

Information Collection Technologies Used

Cookies:  Bandsintown Amplified and its clients use “cookies” to help manage and report your interaction with their services.  A cookie is a file that a server writes to your hard drive.  It contains an alphanumeric identifier unique to your device.  Our clients use cookies primarily to collect information that enables them, for example, to authenticate your login credentials and otherwise manage your use of their service.  We use information from cookies mainly to create more accurate user profiles so that we can deliver more relevant advertisements to you and to compile and report more accurate aggregate statistical information to our clients.  Bandsintown Amplified and its clients use both session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies expire when you close your browser.  Persistent cookies remain on your hard drive for longer periods of time.  You can remove persistent cookies by following the instructions in your browser.  Bandsintown Amplified does not control how your browser control settings operate to block or delete cookies.

Beacons and Tracking Pixels:  Bandsintown Amplified and its clients use technology known as beacons or tracking pixels.  These are very small images that are imbedded in content on a web or application page.  When content containing a beacon is accessed, the beacon transmits anonymous information to a server.  Bandsintown Amplified and its clients use that information primarily to manage content and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.  Bandsintown Amplified also uses information from beacons and tracking pixels to build more accurate user profiles. 

Advanced Algorithms:  Bandsintown Amplified also uses advanced, proprietary algorithms to statistically infer information about users using data available from the operating system and other sources.  This technology helps us to build more complete user profiles without placing cookies on your devices.  

How We Use The Information We Collect

User Profiles:  We use the information we receive and collect from the technologies described above about to build user profiles based upon music preferences.  We then use these profiles to customize and personalize the advertising and other content delivered to users of our clients’ services, to determine how well that advertising performs, and to aggregate traffic, usage, demographic and other data of interest to our clients.  For example, an advertiser might want to know if fans of a particular musical artist are more likely to purchase a particular make and model of car.  Using our technology and database of user profiles, we will be able to provide them with statistical information to enable them to deliver the most relevant ads to the most relevant audience.

Personally identifiable Information:  We do not use or share personally identifiable information with third parties except as described in this policy or at the time of collection.  We may, however, share any information we have about you (including information that might personally identify you) to comply with the law of legal process, to protect our legal rights and the rights of our clients, to guard against fraud, for risk management purposes, and to protect the safety and security of the public.  We may also share your user profile (including any personally identifying information we might have) with our affiliated companies and our successors in interest in the event of a corporate reorganization, merger or sale of assets.

Opting Out of Ad Tracking and Customized Advertising

On Your Computer:  You can remove persistent cookies from your computer by following the instructions in your browser.  To learn more about how the online advertising industry collects and uses information about users to deliver customized advertising and to control whether you want to receive customized ads from participating service providers, you can visit the following websites: and   

On Your Mobile and Tablet Devices: If you use an iOS device and you do not want to receive customized advertising, you may opt-out by accessing the iAd Network Advertising Settings page from the browser on your device.  On newer iOS devises, you can also limit ad tracking under “Settings” on the home screen. If you use an Android based device, you can visit Google’s Ad Settings page from a browser on your device and make your choices there.

Bandsintown Amplified does not control how your browser or mobile operating systems operate to allow you to control advertising tracking and customization.  If you have any questions about these control mechanisms, contact your service provider directly.

Your California Privacy Rights

Section 1798.83 of California’s Civil Code permits users who are California residents to request and obtain, free of charge, one time a year a list of the third parties to whom we disclosed their personal information (if any) for direct marketing purposes in the preceding calendar year and the categories of personal information disclosed to those third parties.  If you are a California resident and you wish to make such a request or if you have any questions about Bandsintown Amplified’s information sharing practices, you may contact us by sending us an email or writing to us at the address set forth below.

California law also provides individuals under the age of 18 the right to remove personally identifiable information they may have posted about themselves on the Internet.  While we do not currently operate any services that enable such postings, we believe California residents should be aware of these rights.    

International Users

Bandsintown Amplified’s services are controlled from Bandsintown Amplified’s offices in the United States.  If you interact with our clients’ platforms from a location outside the U.S., please be advised that any information that is collected by us as described herein may be processed in or transferred to the U.S. and other locations where privacy protections may not be as comprehensive as those in the location where you live.  We will, however, use your information only as provided in this Privacy Policy.  By using the clients’ service, you affirmatively consent to our use of your information as described in this Policy.


Bandsintown Amplified does not knowingly collect personal information about anyone under the age of 13.


We use commercially reasonable electronic and physical security measures to protect user information against loss, misuse, unauthorized disclosure and alteration and we instruct our employees on the importance of protecting user information, particularly when it contains personally identifying information.

Changes to this Policy

We reserve the right to change or update this policy and will notify users of the changes by updating this page, so please check this page periodically for updates.  

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments regarding our privacy practices, you may contact us at:

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